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It’s wonderful to see you here today; ready to take on the unknown. Perhaps you’re a little apprehensive. That’s okay. We all are sometimes. I’m here to help embolden that spark of creativity. I want to help you nurture your inner fire until it lights up your world. We’ll learn to find space for creativity through daily exercises of mind, body, and spirit. Through this striving we will thrive. We’re in it together!



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Find a Way or Find an Excuse: Passion Project Day 1

OK, I know that many people know that I’m a writer. (For those that had no clue, hi, it’s nice to meet you.) Some know me well enough to know that I love to start new projects; and those that know me really well know that for how fast I churn out rough drafts, that...

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The Secret to Getting Anything You Want in Three Easy Steps.

I hate long build ups after a click-bait headline, so I’ll just lay it out for you. The secret to getting anything you want in life is: Choose a goal. Focus all your effort to achieving goal. Goal acquired. It’s that simple, and that hard. You can make it less hard...

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The Thriving Artist

The tortured artist. The lonely artist. The starving artist. But why not the thriving artist? We’ve all heard these myths and stereotypes suggesting that creativity isn’t a career. Writers, artists, and other imaginative professionals can and do create meaningful work while being 100% happy and healthy.

I believe that you can create your best day every day. Building daily habits, fitness goals, and an overall healthier lifestyle can serve your desired visionary outcomes; helping to align your why and giving you more success days than sick days. Your art does not have to be a once-upon-a-time fairytale. You can live your happily ever after every day.

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