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Hi. I’m Liza, I studied to be a doctor, but quickly realized that I preferred science fiction to science text books. I am a multi-passionate creativepreneur who writes speculative fiction, trains fitness clients, and coaches other multi-passionate creativepreneurs to live their best life today.

On this blog, I share my reflections on the creative journey, and embrace the life of The Thriving Artist.

Find a Way or Find an Excuse: Passion Project Day 1

OK, I know that many people know that I’m a writer. (For those that had no clue, hi, it’s nice to meet you.) Some know me well enough to know that I love to start new projects; and those that know me really well know that for how fast I churn out rough drafts, that...

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The Secret to Getting Anything You Want in Three Easy Steps.

I hate long build ups after a click-bait headline, so I’ll just lay it out for you. The secret to getting anything you want in life is: Choose a goal. Focus all your effort to achieving goal. Goal acquired. It’s that simple, and that hard. You can make it less hard...

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Mind Games

“Your past does not equal your future.” Tony Robbins ::: I thought I was a pro at letting go. Moved around a lot, different schools, different states, different work teams. It made it easy to have casual and convenient friendships that lasted for a season… ::: I have...

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It’s Star Wars Day, and in honor of it and #WIPWednesday, I thought to share my current writing diary. (Fun fact, Star Wars Day is also my blog’s birthday–>I started blogging six years ago, and thought it would be kind of poetic to start again today.)   Isn’t this...

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